Dobra: Pedro Quintas

31 March - 14 May 2022

The Rui Freire - Fine Art Gallery, Lisbon, is pleased to announce DOBRA, Pedro Quintas' first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition presents a selection of paintings made mainly during the period of confinement.


Pedro Quintas recent paintings explore the forms arising from the formal possibilities of folds made on a flat surface. 


In this group of paintings, whose theme is ultimately the process of it's creation, the artist activates a compositional game of placement, removal, and juxtaposition of elements that communicate with each other. Pedro Quintas approaches each canvas imposing rules that are adjusted as the work progresses. Intuitively he interweaves the forms, in layers, creating compositions that obey an internal logic, evidenced by the irregularities and seams of the underlying layers. The careful use of color reinforces this pictorial mise-en-scène.


This dynamic organization follows a self-determined and evolving set of parameters. The resulting forms and figures reveal a tension between their status as still images and their apparent potential for movement, opening up formal possibilities that the viewer can unveil and that result from the displacement of the folds.